About iNfinite

iNfinite has always delivered the very best to all Apple enthusiasts around Andhra Pradesh! Our aim is to keep doing that. Our Flagship and Premium stores have always coordinated closely with Apple teams and we make sure to give away the latest products, exciting services & much more! iNfinite was founded by Harshith Enterprises and is currently managed by Mounish; an ambitious businessmen. With over 3+ retail stores, our collective aim has always been to offer the entire Apple ecosystem to everyone, at one place; iNfinite.

And that’s not it. At iNfinite, we make sure you have complete access to your favourite Apple accessories and add on software. From iPhone cases to Speakers, we’ve got it all! If you have any queries about the latest products, we make sure they are answered promptly and that you stay updated with everything Apple!

Why iNfinite?

That’s a fair question, but here’s our answer. When you visit iNfinite, you enter the world of Apple and discover a whole new realm of creativity and imagination. iNfinite is here to help you with any queries you have regarding everything Apple. We are home to the latest versions of all Apple products from Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and more. So whether you are looking for a MacBook Air, an iPhone or an iPad Pro with the best retina display, your search for Apple products and their variants begins and ends here, at iNfinite!

Apple Experts

Our team of Apple experts will be your guardians through the journey. They will guide you through every step of your purchase and make sure you are up to date with the latest information. Our iNfinite team are trained by Apple experts and are abreast with the latest trends in information-technology. They are available to answer all your questions, troubleshoot problems and perform repairs.


When it comes to undertaking the task of seeking knowledge regarding any Apple product, we make sure you attain it from us. Different stores at different locations work on organising regular training programs for both beginners and pros as well. These training sessions help you to understand about various Apple products. If there are any problems that you face on a new device or if you’re looking to understand how to click better pictures with an iPhone, we’re here. Even small queries are addressed to our experts who will in turn help you get started with the journey of enlightenment on Apple!

Workshops & Programs

Our soul purpose of hosting these workshops is to help users become more accustomed to the Apple ecosystem, be more productive and creative while using Apple products. If there are any extra installations, be it software or hardware, our Apple certified team is always available to help!